Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gula...Gula...Gula (Part II)

Ramadan bakal tiba. Maka cerita yang sama pun akan kedengaran lagi: isu kekurangan bekalan gula. Nampak masyarakat Malaysia ni (Muslim khususnya) memang begitu mementingkan gula dalam penyediaan makanan dan minuman harian. Laporan theStar menyebut :

"> Supplies continue to run low at many sundry shops in the Klang Valley but stocks are starting to reappear in super and hypermarkets,

> Other parts of Malaysia seem to be adequately stocked with sugar,

> Authorities blame local sugar refineries for cutting back on production after over-producing in the first half of the year."

"There is speculation that the Government would increase the price of sugar, but it is not true. People are using the rumours to stock up and make a quick profit.

'The public should not believe such rumours and panic-buy. They should also report to the ministry about those who hoard or smuggle sugar,' he said, adding that ministry had acted against the culprits.

He cited cases where two wholesalers who were caught hoarding sugar and another in Perak who was caught selling sugar at a blackmarket price of RM1.80 per kg as opposed to the approved price of RM1.45 per kg."

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